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Our mission is to ensure the optimal physical and mental well-being of our boarders in a secure environment by applying professional and scientifically based animal management principles.


  • 364 DAYS A YEAR

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What We Offer

If you have not used our facility before, we would love to show you around and tell you about all the interesting things we do to take the best care of your pet. Please phone for an appointment.

Pet Boarding

Our pet enclosures cater for all breeds ages, young and old.

Dog Training

Our chosen method is positive reinforcement through clicker training. This is a tried and tested rewards based training method using no force or punishment. The training enhances the bond between owner and dog in a fun and structured way. Enroll for puppy class, canine life skills & tricks or contact us for a personalised individual training method.

Puppy Daycare

If your puppy is destroying your home and garden whilst you are earning the bucks to repair the damage, daycare is the answer. You will be collecting a contented puppy who will be ready for a good night’s sleep.

Grooming Parlour

We have a well equipped grooming facility with qualified staff and can accommodate all your grooming needs.

Pet Transporting

Name the place. We’ll take your precious cargo there.

Behaviour Consultations

Our vet has a post graduate qualification in animal behaviour and can help with all those nasties like interdog aggression, sound phobias, accepting the new baby, inappropriate soiling, furniture scratching and many more behavioural issues that cause you grey hairs. For more information, go to http://edupet.co.za


Some pics from around our facilities

We Love Animals

The success of caring for your pet/s depend on the degree to which their needs are fulfilled. These needs may vary and the fulfillment of these needs is to a large extent reliant on the resourcefulness of our care givers. The well-being of your pet/s is directly linked to the quality of our care and how appropriate it is. This implies that our care givers must be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to identify the needs of your pet/s and be in a position to respond appropriately. And this in a nutshell is what we do at Menlyn Kennels and Cattery.

What To Expect

Shortly after arrival the pets are physically checked, weighed and any abnormalities (skin lesions, excessively long nails, bad teeth, etc.) are recorded. They are also checked for external parasites and treated for these if necessary. These treatments will be reflected on your account. They are then taken to the designated enclosure and made comfortable.
  • Monitoring of general physical condition
  • Monitoring of general well-being (habitus)
  • Brushing
  • Feeding
  • Monitoring of eating habits
  • Monitoring of urine and stool
  • Provision of clean water
  • Sanitation of kennels
  • Administering of medicines, supplements, treats, tick and flea products
  • Weighing
  • Exercising and/or supervised walks
  • Training
  • Nail clipping
  • Bathing/grooming

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

- Josh Billings -


We operate on a prior booking system in order to ensure that we have suitable accommodation available for your pet and to prepare for your pet’s arrival (e.g. preparation of enclosure, stocking your pet’s particular diet, scheduling your pet for regular check-ups and exercising, etc.).


Please bring your pet’s vaccination book every time you visitVaccination Policy


We encourage our clients to bring their own food as it has become difficult to stock all the brands and flavours


  • Under 10 kg

  • R152.00

    Per Day
  • R143.00 if own food supplied
    R165.00 if own food supplied
  • Heating @ R41 per enclosure during winter
  • 10.1 to 20 kg

  • R164.00

    Per Day
  • R154.00 if own food supplied
    R179.00 if own food supplied
  • Heating @ R41 per enclosure during winter
  • 20.1 to 30 kg

  • R177.00

    Per Day
  • R166.00 if own food supplied
    R193.00 if own food supplied
  • Heating @ R41 per enclosure during winter
  • 30.1 to 40 kg

  • R191.00

    Per Day
  • R180.00 if own food supplied
    R209.00 if own food supplied
  • Heating @ R41 per enclosure during winter
  • 40.1 kg and over

  • R206.00

    Per Day
  • R194.00 if own food supplied
    R225.00 if own food supplied
  • Heating @ R41 per enclosure during winter


  • All sizes

  • R126.00

    Per Day
  • R118.00 if own food supplied
    R128.00 if own food supplied

2017 Peak Season Dates

  • 18 Mar to 21 Mar

  • Full payment due by 31 Jan
  • 31 Mar to 18 Apr

  • Full payment due by 31 Jan
  • 27 Apr to 1 May

  • Full payment due by 31 Mar
  • 16 Jun to 18 Jun

  • Full payment due by 30 Apr
  • 30 Jun to 24 Jul

  • Full payment due by 30 Apr
  • 5 Aug to 9 Aug

  • Full payment due by 30 Jun
  • 23 Sep to 25 Sep

  • Full payment due by 31 Jul
  • 29 Sep to 9 Oct

  • Full payment due by 31 Jul
  • 1 Dec to 10 Jan

  • R350.00

    non-refundable deposit required to secure booking (due by 31 Jan)
  • 50% deposit due by 30 Jun
  • Full payment due by 31 Oct

Please read our peak season booking guide for further information.

Some T’s and C’s

F irst time boarders will be weighed on arrival to establish boarding rates and the invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

M inimum stay in July and December = 10 days; and other holidays = 5 days.

R ates are subject to change without notice (All prices are VAT inclusive)


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