We have relocated thousands of pets over many years to just about any destination in the world. We use air-conditioned, purposely fitted and equipped vehicles for road transportation which includes our day to day pick-ups and deliveries (for boarding, grooming and daycare) as well as neighbouring countries where suitable. We take care of all the requirements in-house which includes vaccinations, treatments, blood collections and conform to the import requirements for all countries. We also arrange for the importation of pets into South Africa which includes quarantine bookings where necessary, customs requirements, airport collections and ensuring that the documents conform to the requirements of our National Veterinary Services. We service the local market either by air or ground transport and provide the appropriate travel crates which conform to international and local standards. You are welcome to direct your enquiry to enquiries@petrelocations.co.za or phoning 012 480 2031.


Contact enquiries@petrelocations.co.za or 012 4802131